UltraLux Shipping Policies

Shipping Policy

Shipping is included for all orders over $50 before taxes and after discounts. Some examples of countries we cannot ship to due to the nature of our products are: Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, China, and a few others. Orders to Spain need to be placed through customer service at support@ultraluxhealth.com as the normal international shipping policies we have do not apply.

All items are shipped in the order that they are received. We use UPS for most shipments with a 3-5 day delivery time. You can manage your delivery through their portal once the item has shipped. All shipments to customers are from Utah, USA.

All products labeled as “In Stock” should be shipped out from our warehouse in the USA within 48 business hours.

Anything labeled as “On Backorder,” “Available on Backorder,” or in some way that states there is a prolonged waiting period will ship in the order that the order was received. You will be notified with your expected ship date and when your order ships via email.

International Shipping

All orders outside the United States of America require you (the customer) to pre-pay for Customs Duty, VAT, Country Taxes, International Fees, Etc. This ensures that the package gets to you as quickly as possible with minimal issues in shipping. For nearly 5 years we have operated with this model and it has saved a buyer on average, 40-60% of what they would pay if they were to pay it themselves. It also reduces delivery time to your door by an average of 7 days. So, to help you have the best experience possible, we take on the risk and burden to handle all the international customs with our shippers. You will be saving money. If you have a private broker and would like to elect to not pay for these fees upfront, contact us at support@ultraluxhealth.com and we will process a manual order through an invoice to you. There is not a way to bypass those calculations on our website.

If for some reason, an international order (with a destination outside of the USA) does not get charged the international fees at checkout, the order will not be put on hold and a member of our team will resolve the issue with the buyer.

Here is a breakdown of the Customs Duty, VAT, Country Taxes, International Fees, Etc. that are charged by product, per country.

UltraLux Foldaway Sauna 110V/220V – Canada= $150 | AU/NZ= $215 | UK= $205 | Rest of World= $210
UltraLux Water Machine – Canada= $165 | AU/NZ= $225 | UK= $255 | Rest of World= $275

Qi Shield – Canada= $105 | AU/NZ= $145 | UK= $115 | Rest of World= $125
Qi Home Cell – Canada= $250 | AU/NZ= $325 | UK= $275 | Rest of World= $285
Qi Max – Canada= $375 | AU/NZ= $485 | UK= $400 | Rest of World= $420

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