How do I know the device is working?

You can have atp testing done to show the units are working. We are developing an additional way to monitor that the units are working. There is nothing to stop the units from working. There are thousands of devices over the last 4 years that work without any issues.

What if I drop my Qi Me and now, I hear noise in the device?

If you drop the Qi-Me and you hear rattling inside the unit broken and no longer functioning. You will need to replace the Qi-Me. We are upgrading the Qi-Me to be not susceptible to breaking. We are also making it thinner for ease of carrying.

How do I know when my Qi Home or Qi Max needs recharging?

The Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Max will function for 8 years and then need to be recharged. The Qi-Me and Qi-Shield will last for 7-8 years and then need to be replaced.

Why can’t you recharge my Qi Me or Qi Shield?

The cost of the product does not support us recharging them.

Do you have studies showing the results of these devices?

Yes, we have a study completed in Switzerland proving the Qi-Home Cell protects individuals from the harm of radiation from emf’s. We have hundreds of clinical trials, a double blind study as well as many more coming in near future. You will find those here.

How do you know if it is still working when it gets close to the time for recharge?

The units will continue working much longer than the 8 years just not at 100% effectiveness.

Does heat (outside temperature) affect the longevity of the product?

It is recommended to not put the device in a really hot environment.

What can break it down?

Putting the devices too close to a emf producing source like a cell phone or wireless router. The devices should be at least 2 feet away from emf producing devices.

Does the torus field break down over time?

After the initial 8 years, the torus field will get gradually smaller over a long period of time.

What is the score of ATP levels/ brain scans for them to know that it is working?

An Organic Acid Test can be performed. This is a urine test and shows atp production.

Can the Qi Me be brought into the Sauna? Can it be heated? If so, what temperature?

The Qi-Me should not be subjected to high heat. You could put the Qi-Me just outside the sauna so that the 3-5 foot radius of the Qi-Me would cover the sauna. The Qi-Shield would be a much better choice for this application as it covers a much larger area than the Qi-Me.

Will there be a charge to send in the Qi Home or Qi Max to be recharged?

We offer the service at a charge. Customers can send in the device after 8 years for a fee.

Is there a meter to test voltage for EMF's that will show if the device is working?

No, The Qi devices are not designed to reduce emf’s. They produce a torus field and electrons that protect you from the damaging effects of the emf’s. The wifi, cellular, emf’s will still be there only all living things, water, and food is protected from the damaging effects of the radiation.

Does it gradually stop working before the 8 years?

No, 8 years is just the beginning when the effectiveness begins to slowly reduce.
(if you purchase a Qi Me or a Qi Shield it may start to deteriorate after 5 years.)

How does it get recharged, will they pay for shipping?

The Qi Solution inside is replaced. Shipping and insurance is not covered or paid for.

If it breaks can it be repaired?

Unfortunately, no.

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